Feedback on first piece of music

Hey! I’ve recently gotten into composing and just finished a short, game theme like piece. It’s only 30 seconds long but I would love any feedback on it!


Right off the bat, having everything panned to the left might not be a good idea. I had to double check to make sure my speakers were in correctly and was more focused on that rather than the music.

Second, it seems like a nice little miniature piece to play in the background. Your biggest problem is just fixing the panning :slightly_smiling_face:


Didnt even notice the panning! My right speaker broke and i guess i was messing around with some controls lmaooo.
Thank you so much!

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Sorry, don’t mean to sound ignorant or anything, but what’s panning to the left?

Wholesome song!

I would say moving the notes of the bass instrument one octave down. Right now everything seems to be around the same range, which is okay if that’s what you’re going for. However I’d say try it anyway!

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The audio when in stereo is more on the left side instead of being equal on left and right speakers

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Ohhh okay. Yeah that does make sense. Thanks!