Feedback on First Piece of Music

I would like some feedback on my first piece of music! It’s pretty rough and I almost did not finish it but I figured it’s better to get that first one out there.

Creating this was mostly a learning experience but I would like to know what you would add to improve upon it!

Battle Music


When I was making it I think I was listening to it so much that the build up didn’t seem as long as it was, so I definitely see that problem. The middle part with just the drums was more of an experiment to see if that could keep the piece exciting/tense but I guess it just fell off more than anything. Thanks for the feedback!

I love it sounds great has that final stand/scary type sound to it. :smile:

Keep making more like these.

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I love this, its perfect for a boss battle or danger zone in an RPG. Its not annoying or in your face, but it does set the mood very well.

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