Feedback on first realistic trees

I made three realistic trees for my new project, I have never done anything like this before, these are my first realistic trees. Could do with some feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I also have a concern about these if it will cause lag or not, I made the trunk in blender exported it over, I then made the branches and leaves in studio, there are many lots of parts in these trees, I put the parts in models then duplicated them to make the leaves. Once I was finished I made another model and put those models inside that model along with the mesh, would this still course lag?


Hope someone could help me! Thank you for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


It is really realistic and natural. Though the tree to the right looks a bit “too bent”. It looks VERY windy.


Though I suggest testing with duplicating the branches and see for yourself.


Yeah, it didn’t look to bad in blender, but when i added the leaves, i had the same thought lmao, ill go and fix it.

I’ve done something similar to this as well, I’d suggest making the leaves go in a certain pattern and come out from the branches, as there are many branches sticking out with no leaves by them

The lag depends on how many polygons are in a single tree. I tried to make a tree similar but I had a count of 29,000 polygons and the Roblox limit is 10,000. It seems it was easy for you to import it so it shouldn’t be laggy. Many builds I see have thousands of parts but it doesn’t make their game much laggy. You can test if it lags by duplicating your tree a thousand times and place it all around the baseplate. If it lags, then there is your answer.

Looks good, but they sort of look like the leaves and stuff are decals. It might just be because I don’t have a 3D view, but you did pretty good :rainbow: :+1:

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