Feedback on first render/logo creation

Hi, my name is Fox people call me pancakes.
I made my first render on blender then decided to open up photoshop and add a stroke and background. I would appreciate some feedback on my very first render/logo


It looks good but I think you should make the white spiral a light blue & make the box like a 2000 x 2000 so it’s higher resolution also if you can smooth out the white outline on your avatar. NJ :+1:

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Thank you for the advice will do!

As your first render it looks decent something I’m not a fan of is the stroke and the utilization of the background.

The logo is pretty nice overall. One thing I would change is the background I think the background should match the character outfit/colors.

Pretty good. Keep on going! I can see a promising future for you!

Thank you all of you for the advice. I will take it!