Feedback on first try at audio please

Hello! I am SergeantCel, and I have been working on random things recently. This is the first audio I created, please give me feedback!

Here is the same thing but with different instruments.


Make it longer, add more sounds, and it could be good an 8-bit game :happy3:

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Thanks for the feedback! Also, I added a new audio, to me it sounds halloween-y.

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It reminds me of Air Prelude by Kevin MacLeod.
Good job tho.

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Thank you! I spent about five minutes on each, ( 10 minutes total ).

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Its very short and it very heavy on the base, but practice makes perfect and I think you’ll be a good composer if you keep working hard and doing what you do best :slight_smile:


Certain elements are repeating itself in arpeggios. Perhaps you should try progressing the melody in 4 bars rather than 1. Percussions and drums should be fine in one, but could give it variation if extended to about at highest 16.

sounds good! I like the 8-bits one

I discovered that when you mix these 2 sounds, better sound plays.

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its very good but you can add more beats cause it gets kind of bad after repeating the same thing
still very good tho

The 2nd one sounds like it could be in a middle ages game, I like them both! I think you’re good at that!