Feedback on first UI Design?

Hello members of the Dev Forum! I’ve decided I’m learning UI Design, can you tell me how I can improve on my first go at it?

Program: Photoshop.

Time estimated: 20 minutes.


I just realized I misspelled panel, don’t mind that!


This is amazing for your first UI design and I love the colors, though, it is a bit simple design-wise. Maybe attempt to add shading to the colored sections…?

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Alright, I’ll try that now. Thanks for the feedback!

I like the design you made, I would highly suggest to put a anti-exploit so exploiters don’t get access to this.

For your first UI it looks fantastic! The font choice is amazing too! It needs some improvement tho. E.g., placement. As not everything looks centered (The header text, server warning).
Nakogls has made a tutorial regarding beginner UI creation. I’d recommend checking it out.

I’ve added a few changes, were you referring to this?

Shouldn’t be a need for an antiexploit in this case, assuming that the script checks whether the user firing the remote has permission to ban / kick users. (Unless thats what you meant)

I’m currently not planning to use this in a game, just a little project to get started into UI Design.

Ah, well anyway:
For a first attempt at UI design, it’s really good. Though simple in deisgn, it’s consistent. Maybe make the check mark icon a bit smaller, as the decline icon is a lot smaller. Apart from this mayne try adding some more detail into the design, as it is quite simple.

Alright, will do. Thanks for the tips, it is greatly appreciated!

FYI: You added shading to the text but not the checkmark and the “x” for the Decline, on the shaded example!

I’ve also added some things, I’m planning to make this my first UI Desigen project. Then move onto more releastic type UI.


Looks amazing for your first UI design ever, I like the white and black color scheme too.

Best of luck with your game.