Feedback On First UI

I’m thinking of getting into UI, and I made this as an example if I were to create a UI portfolio, what do you think? What can I add/change/remove to make this better?

Please don’t only vote, but also leave a reply on what you think overall.

  • I would purchase this
  • I really like it, but wouldn’t buy it
  • It’s fine
  • Needs improvement

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It’s good for your first UI, but I suggest adding things to the UI other than text and a plane background.

Thanks for the suggestion! What do you think I can add other then these things?

Like if you look at simulator UI you can see that they have slight texture on the background like faded bubbles or something.

It actually is a really cool cartoony design, I think though that it is a bit bland for my taste. What can be improved is maybe instead of just regular color try to add patterns so it does not seem so plain.

I really like the cartoony look! Also even how you put them together!

I’ve added some markings to your design to help with understanding my critiques:

  • The blue “Trade Request” button does not completely fill the space with the blue background color. Also, the button is not aligned in the center of the x-axis, but is not perfectly aligned on the left side, either;

  • The “username” buttons are completely touching the top of the frame, which, on its own, is not visually appealing. In addition, the “cash” buttons are spaced away from the bottom of the frame, creating inconsistency;

  • The “Accept” and “Deny” buttons are not equally spaced from the center frame. In addition, the text in said buttons are positioned a bit higher than they should be. It also appears as though they are not perfectly aligned with the center of the design, either.

Finally, as a personal opinion, I feel as though the black borders are a bit thick on the UI. I also find it odd that the grey buttons in the center lack a black border, which creates a bit of additional inconsistency.

These are somewhat tiny details, but when it comes to design, little details can make a big difference in terms of presentation.

Hope this helped!

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You might have a few issues but its okay, keep up the good work!

Might wanna include a picture of each item being traded.

It’s good for your first user interface, but I would make the colors a little lighter (the blue Trade Request button for example) and make the UI look appealing.

You should follow the markings above, as they would get an even spacing between the frames. Just my opinion!

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I like it, for your first UI, you really did good! However, I’d just add some shadows to make it looks better. For exemple, the “Trade Request” button, you can add a slight blue frame at the bottom, just up the black border which would be a darker blue and it would make a pretty good shadow, for not much effort and I think it would be pretty amazing if you would do this to all of your buttons.

needs a bit of texture/gradients and the outlines around most things are a bit too big/unnecessary