Feedback on first walking animation

Here’s my first walking animation, I did make one a long time ago before R15 even came out but haven’t really animated since then

Suggestions are appreciated, I’ve tried using Quad InOut and it just makes the animation look like it has pauses in it


TALENT DETECTED METAL AWARD GIVEN (omg this is too good your better then me you deserve to be for a adventure or fighting game on boblox roblox)


It took like 2 and a half hours, but I really appreciate it. Do you know of any way I can get rid of the robotic feel that the animation has?

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Try smooth easing styles and stuff…

Is there a specific one you recommend?

Maybe sine? Idk just go crazy with all of them

Cool, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the feedback

… You’re just a lier. This isn’t your first walking animation. IT’S JUST IMPOSSIBLE!!! IF YOU’RE ABLE DO DO THAT IT’S BECAUSE YOU’RE AN ANIMATOR WITH 10+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!!!

The serious feedback

Wow you’re animation is very amazing, idk what you can add (I think: nothing, it is perfect ^^), also I don’t trust you, it can’t be your first animation lol, at least it’s your 3rd ! :star_struck:


LIIIIIIIER ! xD Your really amazing as animator !

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Wasn’t expecting this for a “first” animation, I’ve animated viewports inside of Roblox Studio for guns, but even that has only been 2 weeks

I appreciate the feedback, but I’m still working towards making the animation smoother

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you could use the “back” easing for the head, it generally looks good on movement anims
also cubic and sine are generally good enough for most of the body parts

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