Feedback on forest grass

Hi I am coloring grass, but there are 2 colors that I cannot decide on what to choose!
I am now doing a poll vote to see which color of grass I should choose, and poll will automatically close when it reaches 20 voters.
Here are some images for the colors of grass.

Yellow-green color

Green grass color

  • Yellow-green grass color
  • Green grass color

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I love the Yellow Grass. Why? It is because it gives it more texture and makes it look 100% better. It is better not to add green because it kind of looks bad with the same tree leaf color.

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The yellow grass looks more realistic. The roblox grass already looks plasticky and the green grass only adds up to this more.

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The green grass looks sort of unnatural, in a way. I would go for the Yellow Grass.

I feel that the green actually looks better. Why? Because it contrasts better with the trees. I would actually try to get a happy medium between the two colors because the green is a bit too saturated.

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Yellow grass looks much better than the green grass, it puts more of the look in it, with the saturation and natural states.

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