Feedback on Fort McMurray International Airport

Fort McMurray International Airport is located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Any feedback on it?


It’s nice the only things I’d fix is maybe detailing the front entrance a bit more (last picture) since you can see the walls lack detail and seem unrealistically smooth. Also the Air Canada signs are really off scale you need to fix that but otherwise its not bad.

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Wait, are the TVs floating?? You shoild fix it if so

Yeah, if the TV’S are floating you should fix that. Perhaps a set of thin poles coming from the ceiling and connecting to the tops. The front entrance might also need to have the materials more detailed, unless it just isn’t visible from the distance.
Otherwise it looks really good!

@KristinaMoment @TheBatman1907 They appear to be on a thin pole from the third image.

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I see that, I think that may just be part of the windows. But that would be a good idea for supporting them, having a bar/pole stretch across between them.