Feedback on forward roll animation

I am currently working on a game called Greenwood Theripyia which is a multiplayer adventure game and I felt like just walking around wasn’t good enough. So when you press shift your player does a forward roll which will move you a little bit faster than just normally walking.

(Heavily inspired by egg hunt 2018’s shift / roll animation)

I will also be adding the forward movement soon of course but before I do that I would love to collect feedback on how I could make this even better!

Here is the current state of the animation:

Thanks for reading!
SideNote: The animation is not actually that long I just put it on loop a couple times so you would be able to see it better.


It looks great in my opinion, only change I’d make is I’d bend the torso a little more to give it more of a “roll” effect rather than a flip, but its definitely better than any animations I’ve ever made


Looks awesome! Great job so far.

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Looks nice but the character seems a bit stiff. I’d recommend moving the arms and like @Jonibus said, the torso too since it does look way too stiff.

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Looks neat it could be a bit faster and towards the end of the animation the dummy could use a bit more movement because it floats back to the start position

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It’s a bit too slow for a roll.

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I really like that you’ve tried to refrain from having the character clip through the ground!

It is a bit slow for a roll, so try making the roll fast but the anticipation into the roll slow. That acceleration of the roll will help get him out of the roll. Also, bend his torso forward when he’s coming back up. He seems to be coming up with his torso already straightened out which would make him fall backwards in reality.

Update: Here is the new version.
And thank you so much for all the feedback!

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The part where the head is touching the ground needs to be sped up a bit

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Fixed, Thank you for telling me this!

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