Feedback on FPS animations

Revision 0.5

Revision 1.0

Revision 1.5

Critiques, feedback, and likes are heavily appreciated :blue_heart:


Thats cool! i like all the animations you did there, but i feel like you need to improve a little more the fire animation. Beside it, the animation is awesome!


I think in reload B u must not use change fire mode button instead u need to press something on side of gun.

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I like them, they could be a bit more smooth but if this was the style you were going for it looks great!

My only tip is to do the fire animation procedurally, so the gun follows the camera better.

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Agreed. it does feel jerkier and a few attempts were made and this was the best because there were bouncy recoiling.

@nanosph you mean I should slide the gun to the left and allow you to see slider CoD style?
Because there isn’t any sliders at the side of the weapon itself. and on top of that there’s a trigger on the side of the gun that ejects the magazine.

@0Mastersmasher0 I’m more aiming for a CS:Source style of animation but I do actually want to smooth the animations out and I agree.
And about the procedural I’ll take a look about it and see what I can pick up.

Look at this animation made by a popular roblox animator:

When the mag is completely empty he press some button insted of using that that lever thingy.
Even in M16:

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yeah, a friend of mine pointed that out and I fixed it!
(Also, not to be rude but if you want to discuss further we need to move to dm because moderators would be mad.)

Would be amazing if there was an idle animation and a bit more camerabone animations during reloading! If you’re animating in Roblox studio, I suggest you check out some other youtube tutorials of animating viewmodels (first person/fake arms) in blender, it makes the animation more smooth. Can’t wait to see Revision 2.0 if you could improve the animations.