Feedback on FPS framework

Hey all, I’ve been working on completely redoing my fps framework that I took a break from and looking for feedback on how to make it more polished. As of now, it’s serviceable but I feel that there’s something off about it. I think it might be the animations as I am by no means an animator whatsoever, but let me know what you guys think. All feedback welcomed thanks.

If you want to try it out for yourself:


A camera shake would add some realism to the framework.

Some camera shake and polishing on the reload animation would make it look better.

Adding bouncier recoil, camera shakes, and some realistic bevels and materials to the character and gun would make it absolutely perfect.

Adding 3D effects will surely bring your shooting to life and enhance the experience.

Like when shooting bullet particles come out of the gun!

It’s great!

It’d look great with some nice camera shake. I think that’d be a nice addition!

After my last post the FPS system I was working on had quite an improvement, so I can say that you need a crosshair now. Is this project still in development?

Kind of? I’m actually redoing a lot of it because I wasn’t happy with it but I’m taking a break from it currently.

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