Feedback on FPS viewmodel system!

Yo, I’ve recently decided to create my first ever FPS gun system using viewmodels and the relatively new IKControl instance. I’ve been working on it for a few days now, changing things up mostly by trial and error due to the lack of tutorials on IKControls. This is my first time ever creating an animated viewmodel + gun system, and I’m not the best animator, so all feedback and suggestions would be appreciated!

Footage can be found here:

External Media

If you’re wondering how the reloading works, I play an animation on the gun and set the Target property of two IKControls (one for each arm) to the parts being animated. After the animation is completed, I set the targets back to their originals and fire a RemoteEvent to tell the server to refresh the tool’s ammo. If you can think of a better method, I’d be open to suggestions.

Thanks a lot to anyone willing to help :slight_smile: