Feedback on free advertising game

The game’s name is advertising central, link here: Advertising Central - Roblox

I think it’s best to describe it as group recruiting plaza but for games because it allows you to advertise your own game for free and lets players teleport directly to your game as well.

I would like to gather feedback on this game I have created. Essentially it employs the use of a booth like system which has been rather popular in some games on the platform and I wanted to understand if it is easy for users to know what to do and how to allow users to teleport to their game and set up everything, in other words the user experience and how it can be elevated.

I was also wondering if how I would level up the map in the game. Despite not being a builder I would like to know if there are certain props or models I can use to make my game look a lot more visually appealing. Thanks in advance!


Gonna list feedback for ease:

  • Firstly the concept is a good idea in my view to the point where i am interested in investing a small amount into the game however i think it needs improvements as I’m about to state

  • The booths are a bit strange, personally i think the button to join the game should be much smaller and separate from the backdrop as i accidently clicked on it when moving my camera which made me leave the game. Another option though could be that you are sent a confirmation message that you want to be teleported first.

  • Another booth suggestion is that you should have the ability to change the colour of your stands and add decals to the background or potentially for the thumbnail of the game to be uploaded to the backdrop automatically as currently the booths are ugly to look at.

  • For a map suggestion you should add small amounts of grass. I will add a reference to what i mean below. Alongside the grass you should also combine them with small and large areas of bushes, flowers, rocks etc as this will add a basic but incredibly effective amount of detail.



  • The game pass icons have no set style and are cut off a bit. I would tidy them up and pick a style of icons which could literally just be the game pass game on a sign of text with the blurred out map in the background.

  • Same goes for the thumbnail and icon. Its very basic right now and not very eye catching, i suggest just going into a photo editing software and messing with the brightness, contrast, warmth etc. I suggest also making it more centralised (at the players point of view) rather than up top.

  • Get rid of them god damned tags in the description. They do nothing but make it look un professional.

  • Clean up the leader boards as they are an ugly colour which does not match the overall bright colour the game and are overall just an ugly single part.

  • I would scale down and put the ui closer together as its a bit too eye catching atm.

  • I don’t think there is a data store atm as im pretty sure i lost my progress when i accidently left.

  • Spread the pine trees out more, keep the pine trees and redo the other trees as the trunks and leaf’s are ugly. Also change the colour of the leaf’s to add more variation i.e some dark green, some light green some mid.

  • Put the billboards behind the booths.

  • Shrink the map size so its only about 100 Studs away from the booths then add a terrain barrier around it.

  • I just realised but i think you join the game by stepping on that circle on the ground which is the same god dammed colour of the floor. Change it. Separate it. God damn add a button instead of a touch part. Add a confirmation message. Just not that. That hurts. That’s the second time i accidently left now.

  • I personally think the name is a bit dull. I think your going for a Pls Donate style game in some sense so i suggest something like…Pls Join?

  • I would add more premium benefits as the majority of people joining your game will be developers and on average the majority of premium players are developers. You want them premium players to stay for that bobux.

If your interested in a small advertisement investment of 100-500 Bobux for a percentage of game income on release then message me

Overall very nice game idea with potential due to the pls donate craze but just needs work


Wow thanks so much for the detailed response, I’ll look into the points and try to improve some of them. However regarding the datastore it should work so I’m not sure what’s wrong in that aspect, I might have to start using setasync for leaving instead of checking if the user’s cash is 0 and setasyncing and using updateasync for the rest of the cases.
Regarding the name, I think I’ll keep it for now but if I do receive some feedback on a name change again I’ll find something else.
Personally I feel like the tags would help to boost roblox’s recommendation but could they do otherwise?
For the leaderboards would you suggest maybe a light brown colour like the information boards or maybe a yellow colour?
I was also thinking about making it such that the owner of the booth themselves will not accidentally join their own game so that could be a potential fix for that but I’ll add a confirmation ui probably.

The map I’ll definitely improve and make it look more beautiful.

Also wdym by this " If your interested in a small advertisement investment of 100-500 Bobux for a percentage of game income on release then message me", like I invest into your game or you invest into mine?

Sorry for two replies because I wanna figure out the datastore issue before it becomes a major issue, what stats did you have when you leave? Like what stats didn’t save?

Ok sorry for 3 replies but wdym regarding this: * I would scale down and put the ui closer together as its a bit too eye catching atm.

I’d invest into your game for a percentage of income

I have some cash and 1 join/invite or whatever its called

Well as it says. Make the UI smaller and then make the gap between each ui smaller (each button) so it doesn’t take up a good chunk of your screen as it will get in the way especially for mobile players.

Alright regarding the investing it’s fine because I already have some robux set aside but thanks for the offer!
I’ve fixed the datasaving issue and it should be fine now.
I’ll fix the UI in a few days time, thanks for the feedback again!