Feedback on Full Body Tracking based game


Hello everyone! I’m currently working on a Full Body Tracking VR based game and i would like to have your toughts about it. Note that some information won’t be revealed until the Beta launch of the game.

The game in itself is a more interactive version of VRChat based on Full Body Tracking. It will still support classic VR at almost the same level so it continues to be accessible for all “VR users”.

The Full body tracking is all inside of Roblox(no third party app required) and even if you can’t have full tracking we got you covered with an pos prediction which tries to predict the pos of certain body parts. There will also be support for various movement mode like : Fly, SmoothLocomotion, Teleport and my favorite, VirtualMovement which convert real movement to in game actions Ex : Walking on place makes your character walks in game. To make everything even more immersive, you would be able to activate physic on your character in certain game Ex : Parkour. And finally, for everyone who wishes to play VR games but don’t have an headset don’t worry because you don’t neccesary need an headset! You still need to meet some requirements but they will all be shown on the Beta release of the game.

For the game content, there will be :
Game(Sports, Parkour, Mini Games, Competitions, Hangout and even virtual car racing!)
Cosmetics(Hat, Effects, Clothing(Physically Simulated in the near future) and more)
Game Creator(Simple version because this game is part of a bigger project with actual devs tools)

Thanks for all feedbacks!


How’s it going?
interested in how this would work and connect to vive trackers when roblox doesn’t support it at all.

The plan was to use phones, something common that most people have to track the position using the accelerometer and gyroscope. Everything went wrong when I tried getting the acceleration. Turns out that phones accelerometers aren’t precise enough.

I’m confident that if you really take the time to develop a correction algorithme you would be able to get something somewhat usable. You would still need a big team and the neccesary knowledge to achieve such a goal which I both don’t have. The closest I have seen a paper get was an accuracy of ~1 meter for 30 seconds.

So if you pull that off, then good job!

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