Feedback on Futuristic Gun

Hey, my name is AApocAAlypse and i’ve been on blender for 6 months, i have made this futuristic gun i’ve been working on since yesterday, it took a total of 5-6 hours to complete, i’m currently thinking that there is something missing but i can’t seem to put my finger on what’s missing, help would be appreciated, so will feedback! :slight_smile:




Looks really cool, curious to see what it looks like in studio once it’s imported.


That looks like the Kriss Vector, which is an existing weapon so I wouldn’t classify it as “futuristic”.
Other than that, it’s a really impressive build! To me, it looks complete, just needs a texture.


Wow this is really good its a vector right?
I must say I have nothing to criticises about you mesh template.
Well Done
Keep Building :smile:


I actually build this off the Kriss Vector design, i just gave it a little of the futuristic feel, also thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:


Looks sick! Strongly reminds me of a gun in rainbow six siege ‘Vector .45 ACP’.

Looks incredible and I am glad to see you have put so much time into it. It has clearly paid off with the finished results. No criticism for this.

Keep up the outstanding work!


Maybe use some futuristic colors in your texture to help differ it from the Kriss Vector too.


Very good, tbh I have nothing to criticize. Can’t wait until to see it once its coloured.

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I really like the fact that you have added extra details to the weapon, I also really like the sharpness, there is one part that I would suggest changing though.


You could add creases to this part because at the moment it just looks a bit too smooth and doesn’t really go with the rest of the parts of the weapon, but maybe that’s just me.


It looks good, but it is a kriss vector, which exists irl and it is not futuristic

Yes, it is exactly the same gun

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i’ve already told someone about this.

Looking good! I’m curious to see it’s look after texture is imported. The texture design can maybe help the gun look more “futuristic.”

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Looks really good! Interested to see how it would look inside studio or even in a public game.

Good luck!

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Amazing model, Just fix those iron sights. Kinda weird so just make them into normal pistol sights or a red dot or whatever you want.

Other than that its an amazing model, better than Phantom forces models or jail break models!
Your hard work sure did pay off.

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