Feedback on Futuristic Lowpoly Kitchen

Hello everybody, so around 2 years ago I made this build, A lowpoly futuristic kitchen, I left it alone since then but I feel like it can be salvaged and used for some of my projects, what should I change or add to the build? Thank you for seeing this topic.


I feel like you’ve used the term “Futuristic” as if everything has to have neon in it, don’t get me wrong it does look futuristic but it’s just way too much neon put into a build and it just looks weird, if you’re going for a futuristic type build, go for holographs, put lights around and plants as usually the term futuristic is supposed to mean good like nature and very advanced technology, if you want to try going for a futuristic type build, try putting

Less Neon
More Lights

Either way it looks polished and well made, good job and it’s pretty remarkable that this was from 2 years ago


Very cool. I like how there is glow but not too much. Many people over do it.

It’s not that neon. Calm down. I do agree, it’s more of a cyberpunk, but that is still futurist, so they aren’t wrong.

It’s just my personal opinion, trying to give him constructive criticism as that’s what I usually try doing.

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Great build! I can see how it’s futuristic! I like the shape of the assets, and I like how your use of neon bloom is controlled, unlike most builders, who build with intense blooming for neon, which isn’t really pleasing to the eye.

This is just me, but I don’t really like toothpaste coloured neon, try out:

96, 119, 143 or 85, 113, 143

for the colour of your neon, see how it looks.

I feel like you also controlled how much neon you used, good job with that. I also like the shades of grey, they fir perfectly together!

Overall, great job, good luck on your next builds!

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I like it, but the appliances kind of remind me of the international space station. Why not make it a lighter color. And i think there is a little too much neon in it.

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It looks like a mourge…


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