Feedback on futuristic UI!

Made some pretty cool (in my opinion) futuristic UI with some neon. Let me know what you think!


Hm I like it but I won’t really call it futuristic- The whole thing is good but I think your only calling it futuristic because of the color but that’s typical of course but maybe add some designs

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I think it needs a little more detail,like you could add more stuff to it because right now it kinda feels empty,But aside that its pretty good.

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I like the style it’s very easy to read and conveys the purpose clearly.

If I was to nitpick:

  • I’d make the inside of the interactive elements brighter so they look more like buttons and less like labels.

  • I’d make the top and bottom padding of “BUY” larger (decrease the font size) just for visuals sake.

  • I’d make the outline on “SHOP” larger and make the label stand out from the background as well to make it easier to read and add a layer based hierachy.

Overall you’ve done a great job though and I look forward to see how you act on the feedback given!

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Wow! Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

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It looks really good, some things I would change though is the “BUY” text make it smaller, it’s too close to the edges. I would also change the thickness of the border of everything. I think it’s a bit bigger than it should be, although it would still look good if you keep it. One thing I always try and do is I never really rotate anything, I feel as if it was more central it would look better, this is just my preference, as it will look symmetric. I recreated this my self, to see what I would do differently, take anything you want if you like it. This is just would I would do personally:

  • As you can see I made it the borders white with a blue glow, this gives it a more neon feel like a neon sign.

  • The buy text is thin font, and the box around it is matching the box above it.

  • The Shop text is more centred, again this is just my preference.

Good job and hope this helped. Sometimes I would recommend playing around with a few designs and then decide which will best fit the game itself and theme that you are going for. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the feedback! Your redesign looks amazing! I love your UI!

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Looks awesome! I recommend working adding some more stuff to the ui.

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