Feedback on Game Advertisements

Hello everyone! I made some advertisements for my upcoming game, Touched and I would like some feedback and criticism on them. Here are the images.



Rectangle *ignore the K&F Studios icon on the bottom left corner as it will be removed

I’m also thinking to spend a total of 6-7k robux on the ads. Would this be good or should I do more or less? Lastly, would 9k robux total on sponsors be good too for about 2 weeks?

Let me know what you think and a good day everyone!

Your advertisement lacks content, readers can not tell what the advertisement is talking about, and can not tell what is the advertised game about. From looking at your skyscraper and banner advertisement. What I can tell is there are two man with drooling face and “Touched”.

The rectangle advertisement is an improved version of the two advertisements you made for your game. However, it is still not attractive enough and is not able to catch people attention.

Try searching for zombies in game picture, and recreate it in a similar style.

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These advertisements are too much simple they don’t say anything to the viewer, I can’t even tell if it’s advertisement for a game or for a group. If it’s for a game you could maybe add some assets from the game and a little text like “Let’s fight the zombies!” or something simple like that, people will now know that the game is about zombies. But of course this is not a bad work! Keep up!

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I think it should be more noticeable and more full I think the pictures are too empty and don’t describe the game, you can find a better content.

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