Feedback on Game Design/Gameplay of Sussy Imposter Land

Sorry, but this game is just garbage and bad, it like full with free models, i do give this game a 2/10.

The memes are the only free models to be honest it’s mostly built by me

I like that. I think the icon can have a background.

So you say the game is owned by a group? Maybe adding play-time rewards might make it more appealing. If you want, you can give some players custom admin ranks (like VIP), for play-time rewards. You can also give people who are in the group moderator access. This admin reward might sound silly, but it’s actually quite rewarding to players. I might recommend BaseAdmin, as it supports setting a player’s rank just by changing a value in a folder. It also supports group admin.

I’m not sure if this will get your players to play longer, but it most likely will.

Its astonishing how utterly trash this is:

  • This game feels clunky and has so many FREE MODELS AND UNFUNNY MEMES
  • This game shoves gamepasses in your face left and right. Why?
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Thank you for the feedback I will try to improve the comedy

And you sir are a scammer. You claim the golden gun is a one-shot weapon. And look at this! 33 Damage! Thats crazy!


ITS ONLY one shot up close its called a shotgun

And you did not mention that. False advertising.

I literally did thats the definition of a shotgun

You did not.

And you expect the average player of your game to be able to infer that?

Let alone the fact that absolutely 0% of your player base returns for a second visit because your game is extremely offensives to my eyes and ears.

I slap you in the face with valid criticism and you pull up like “:rofl: ya fool remake my game fool u cant!”

Grow up.


Honestly, it’s entertaining but I literally have no idea what is going on at all. It really just seem like you just added a lot of free models to a game and some guns to create a “pvp” game?


So are the guns also :/, I know you used a roblox gun kit since the crosshair are similair, you only added a ui, lets not forget that the game is most likely p2w

Wow, this guy calling my first game bad and even scamming his players :confused:

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never answered his question

start reading

credit to @sjr04 for idk asdfghjkl

nice insults, these comments are derogatory no matter what, flagged
stop harassing these people with false information, it’s terrible and ironic to see you splat insults on him, you own him an apology over your actions
like what @OnceCrowned said, you did not clarify what distance the golden shotgun so you’re scamming, if moderated it will make you ineligible for DevEx, please fix the issue or scrap the game pass completely, also your game like everyone including me said earlier, is full of free models (which you never credited the developers for their free models), and its p2w (like a lot)

You are 100% right about this, jimmy should apology.

One of my games was moderated (not for scamming) and I’m still eligible for DevEx. Was there a term change?

Well I heard people get moderated for calling someone a hacker and then getting auto-reported and becoming in-eligible for dev-ex so I think it just depends on who reviews ur request and stuff

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Ok I hope you are all happy the GOLDEN OP Shotgun is buffed and it says ONE SHOT UP CLOSE.