Feedback on Game Hub UI

Greetings, I’m back again with another one of my creations! I did adhear from my last post about the background and yes, it will be added once I fully get acceptance to show the current state of Whippe. But for now it will stay as the gradient, I’m really happy on how this has turned out to be and how I’ve been able to script it.


Now, let me guide you on the specific panels!

Games > to either check & join the current event game, which can be accessed & changed via the staff panel.

Help > providing help via the help panel!

Staff > Manages the games panel, changing the game & making you host, ending the event etc etc.

Information on the project:

Time taken: 1 hour
Lines of code: 216

I did not have to look at any resources for this project nor had any issues, the scripts were easy to understand (for myself).

Any errors? Not one at all, just scripting and then testing it now and again.

I went for a simple design and a smooth + sleek design hoping for the best, with that being said is my UI!

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