Feedback on game I am abandoning

I have been working on this game for well over a year, and I very much enjoyed the process of creating and programming. Unfortunately I feel incredibly burnt out and am going on an indefinite hiatus. I really want my efforts to be seen by somebody so I thought I would share what I have done. Please remember that it is incredibly unfinished. Designing the map was too ambitious for one amateur developer. The game currently has no gameplay, but driving around the finished portions of the map can supply at least 5 minutes of entertainment. Feel free to leave feedback, and if I do come back I will take it into account.

Game Link

Here are some neat images of the game :slight_smile:


The game itself is actually pretty nice, the map is good etc… Though there are assets that don’t fit. What I like most about the game is the main menu, very professional. It’s a pretty well made game, if you ever come back to it, you should consider optimizing it more. I can run GTA 5 with decent graphics with 60 fps and above, yet this game is dropping my framerate to 30 and below, aside from that good job!


The performance problems was one of the biggest reasons I got burnt out. It’s probably because of the amount of decals and textures everywhere. I tried for so long to fix it but never got it to be perfect without ruining the style I was going for.

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Pretty nice, what did you use to make the buildings. I’m making a game with that type of building style. Have you done any UI?

Roblox is saying I do not have access to okay your experience.

The game itself has so much potential, and this is likely to be one of the best open-world experiences that can be accessed on Roblox. I’m assuming this has been done single-handedly, hence the dedication and ambition established into this game are astonishingly unreal, with the fact that there are different detailed terrains scattered around the map to be explored. This seems to be a concept based on the real world, and I’m unsure about the accuracy of the game if it was intentionally traced by a place - but it does hand me a partial vibe of other published games like GTA.

The lighting fits the environment, quite a few buildings are interactable (like the clothing store and the barber), some objects have functionality (such as the vending machine and fun-fair rides) - I’m very impressed that the user can have some interaction whilst taking a tour around the map, it makes the game feel more lively. I definitely enjoyed finding these activities with the car and finding new places.

I also admire the features implemented into the game, one of the noticeable ones would be the texture changes during the day and night - the lights start to glow on the buildings when it’s dark enough.

The menu and avatar settings make it even better, with a variety of customisation to choose from, especially from the locations you can find.

Performance isn’t an issue for me whilst on a computer, with a steady 60FPS on automatic mode (I didn’t test the quality levels). The loading takes approximately 1 minute, with another 10 (depending on your spawn point) to render when spawned in a random spot with vehicles. It’s worth the wait.

At the moment, this has to be one of my favourite showcases, and looking at the game pushing the boundaries with ONE DEVELOPER is insane. I’m surprised a team wasn’t included for this (if I’m not wrong).

If you’re worried about the performance issues, you should research how you could optimise it (I never had to consider it, so I wouldn’t know the best method of doing this). You could see Game Content Streaming.

If I had to suggest some improvements, the car’s speed meter could be redesigned to show the proper values? I’m not sure, and since it flicks with the gear, you could also display the gear that the car’s on. To add further, whenever I ram into a street object, the car would get stuck, and you can’t respawn it. You should be able to knock out the speed limit signs instead of them stopping the car (by collision). Some areas make you go out of the map, like the water. There’s a lot of development ongoing, so I can’t wait to test this game out then.

Overall, this game deserves more awareness and praise. I’m proud of what you developed from the Studio, and it definitely would make good gameplay out of it. I wish you the best of luck with this project!


The game map is really big and detailed, and performance isn’t much of a problem for me, I get 60+ FPS on anything below 5 graphics quality. Even just driving around and exploring the map and buildings can still be really interesting, and trying out all the interactive buildings is fun.

Buildings and other parts of the map changing at night-time is really cool to see, and adds a lot of depth and immersion into the game.
I think that if performance problems for people with lower-end devices were fixed, adding PBR textures where available would definitely boost the detail of the game almost to AAA-studio level.

This experience is amazing, and it has a large chance of becoming a VERY popular experience. The only issue (as you’ve stated) is the major FPS drops. Here are some topics that might help you optimize the experience! I look foward to playing this once it’s optimized more!

I encourage you to not give up, burn out can be a major problem when developing an experience, but once you take a break and overcome it, it can be the best feeling in the world. You have a popular experence at the grasp of your fingertips, all you need to do is optimize and keep going! You can do this, friend! :blue_heart:

Optimization Links!

And also, your experience is super realistic and pretty! I love how nice it looks!

Even the city lights turn on at night!

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Car related games are not my favorite (just want to put that out there). I did however really like how the cars drove, how the buildings looked, and the main menu. Ive found that motivation to continue a project can sometimes be super hard!

I rate the game a 8/10

I wish I knew there were cars in the game before walking for 12 minutes.

Make a custom loader or use StreamingEnabled.

I might suggest trying to utilize the Microprofiler to diagnose the issue further :smile:
A lot of people think that the Microprofiler is only useful for script-related performance issues, but, it actually details the performance on a ton of things, even rendering. For example, you can find the shadow map performance, lighting, texture/decal rendering, and much more, and, it’s been useful in diagnosing the performance of many other games.

As you said, you use a high amount of Decals which is the most likely contributor to a lot of the performance issues, but, you never know.

And I mean, let’s say Decals are the primary reason, but, maybe ~20% of frame time is going to something else, for the example’s sake, let’s say shadow map calculations. If you disable shadow map, that’s still 20% faster frames, which, might be a lot, and at the very least, is still better! Even many minor performance improvements add up. Better might not fix the overarching problem, but better is still better.

Lastly, even if it doesn’t seem like there’s anything you can do to resolve performance issues, don’t let that discourage you. People will still play a laggy game, and, a lot of the time, my most fun experiences on Roblox have been playing laggy games, believe it or not.

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Hey everyone. I wanted to thank all of you for the kind comments in regards to my game. It’s given me the inspiration to continue working on the game. I also wanna thank you all for giving me tips on how to improve performance. I’ve tried game content streaming in the past and I unfortunately ran into what I presume to be Roblox bugs. :frowning_face:

Thanks again for all your kind words, and I hope you enjoy the full game once I eventually finish it.

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the map is okay, but it is very undetailed (buildings)

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Probably due to opimisation. [char bruh]

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