Feedback on game I built

Hi everyone! I recently built a swimming pool game on roblox and I feel like it looks a little bit plain. All I’m asking for is some feedback and tips to make it look better! Thank you all! :slight_smile:


Hi! I would suggest some light fixtures for the ceiling, and vegetation around the building itself. I like what you did with the design though. That variation of shape gives it a certain uniqueness. Seeing as you chose a sort of minimalistic building though, I couldn’t say much detail could be added other than adding more “structure” to give the illusion of building supports. I’d also suggest studying similar buildings and (such as the louvre), and taking elements that are appealing to you and applying them to your roblox build. Furthermore. Remember, always always always that lighting is an important element of a build. So play around with that a bit!


Yeah great start just keep adding stuff to give it personality, posters for the walls, a rainbow for the cloud design? maybe some nice plants to make it a bit more cosy?

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i suggest looking at this:Pools
hope this helps!

Hey, this is a good start. But I think you should add some more assets to the build pike lockers to give it a little more character. :smiley:

Add shutters to the windows, more than half open, and change the water transparency,
also add these