Feedback on game icon and thumbnail

i have made this icon and thumbnail for my game im re-developing called Lava Floor and yesterday i made a new icon and thumbnail for it…simply i want some feedback on both the icon and thumbnail and note i am likely sticking with the background style as it’s relatively unique…and i just personally like it…

p.s. even if you have nothing to give feedback on and you just like it a comment stating that you like it is still helpful to me.




Should change it to “THE FLOOR IS LAVA”


I feel that your icon and thumbnail are good for early development (or even if you just want to keep it simple that’s fine) but once you get more of the game developed I recommend getting screenshots of actual game play. From there, you can replace the icon and thumbnails with images showcasing what players can expect.

Happy developing!


The name of the game is ‘Lava Floor’ specifically as it’s more unique to the 100s of ‘The Floor Is Lava’ titled games which a) Distinguishes it from other The Floor Is Lava games and b) Still is similar to ‘The Floor Is Lava’ title enough that it comes up in the algorithm (or at least used to when it got 30-50 players a day for some reason)

I was talking about the thumbnail title number 2


Ah right. The original thumbnail i was making did have ‘The Floor Is Lava’ however i found after experimenting a bit that going with ‘A Floor Is Lava Game’ just allowed me to format it a bit nicer without having to stretch out the words or the spaces between the words which looked weird when combined with the title itself.

In the future i will be making in-game thumbnails however as for the icon i have found it to be better to have a more simplistic and well non in-game icon as it just stands out more when put next to other game icons especially ‘the floor is lava’ games which use largely in-game/in-game style icons.

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The thumbnail looks good to me, but the icon looks too opaque, the shading in the corners and under the letters makes it looks muddy, dirty, and withered. This is a lava game we’re talking about! Try more bright effects, whether it’s sparkles, a bit of an outer glow, more defined shadows instead of blurry ones, etc!

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