Feedback on Game Icon (BOMB SIMULATOR)

I also wanted to show off this game icon that I made for @AzireBlox for his game

Please tell me what you think about this game icon image

Also please join there discord server for more updates Discord


Ok this icon is cool nice colours and character positioning and big bold writing.

looks good, Maybe add some sort of exploding object in the backround,

And as the fellow above me said, great use of Bright colors,bold letters

Overall, Looks great , but maybe add some more detail behind the character!
Hope your game does well :+1:

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Hmm, the render could use some work, and the text is sort of low quality. Although I do not want to criticize the GFX too much as I believe that you have worked hard, I really dig the background! Iā€™d rate it a 7/10. :smiley:

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I like the GFX, but the text looks a bit fuzzy.

Text looks really funky, I would try updating that. The GFX itself though is really amazing and put together perfectly, nice job.

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Render looks good, I like the background. However the text seems a bit low res.

Fat guy with nukes simulator : 2020 DLC.