Feedback on Game Icon

Hello! I am currently working on a revamped version of my old battle game and I’ll like to know what criticism you have for the icon of my game. Please know that I am not very good good at creating game thumbnails or icons and I only have the 2 Windows programs “Paint 3d” and “Paint.” at my disposal.

Current Sword Design:

Current Design for Thumbnail: (Not on Roblox Yet)

Some important details:
I just completely redone the sword design. I want to put some sort of effect around the sword but I don’t know what effect would look good. I want to put the game’s name (I haven’t thought of a good name yet.) engraved into the stone but I don’t know what font would look good on it.


The icon looks pretty plain and boring. The sword in the middle has a drop shadow which looks kind of off and doesn’t blend well. You could maybe add a rock and make the sword tip rooted through it to make it more pleasing.

To add on, the background could be changed into something less harsh on the eyes. I recommend putting a blurry image of any scenery that relates to the game’s theme for starters.

The text looks out of place and doesn’t overall match with what’s going on in the icon; maybe a better font and good placement could work? Something that would make the icon pop out more and make it look more interesting.

And for the game name “Battle! [Revamped]” isn’t that interesting of a name if I have to be honest, try to make the name more unique and more uncommon.


Thank you for your reply! The name Battle [Revamped] is a place holder name as, I have no idea what to name it. What do you think about this? Obviously it need some improvement but, I don’t want to spend too much time on this design if it sucks.

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Give the sword and stone a big bold white outline. It will make it pop out.

Make the text have a white bold outline… and on top of that outline another smaller black outline.

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I don’t know how I feel about putting a white outline around the stone or around the text (I have other plans for the text) but, I put an outline around the sword.

You should try using blender or other 3d modelling tools to make a 3d icon, I made this little sword in a rock in a couple minutes in blender. Yeah its not textured and all but i made it in a few minutes.
if this was textured, had a blurred image background similar to the one that you posted, it would probably look really great!
Also, you should change the font on the text on the icon. It doesn’t really fit.

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I just redone the sword design. I don’t want to put a white outline around the sword and stone, and I instead want to put an effect that’ll make it take out more. Any ideas for what effect I should use?

This reply is late because of school work.

Looks kinda plain and flat. Make it pop out more, or use 3D modeling for it. It also should have a logo, I don’t really know what the game might be about completely, as there are many kinds of games that might have a sword.

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