Feedback on Game Icon

I recently started working with a new Dev Team, and I made this logo for them:

I know that its pretty basic, but I am looking for all criticism and how I can improve. Please be as harsh as possible, and thanks for reading! (text is also made by me)


The lighting is too rough and doesn’t seem natural, the hat looks pixelated and it doesn’t have the cartoony feel to it, apart from the font, the red text blends in a bit add a different colour variety. Try to stick with a theme, you got white, green, red, orange, yellow, brown, going on all at the same time.


The lighting in the render is too realistic and too harsh. The left side is almost totally burnt out. The lighting color also suggests that you used natural lighting when in this case, it should be white light. If I’ll be honest with you, I’d also remove the emoji from the render and drew it in illustrator or whatever program you have.
Other than that, it looks just like any other simulator icon.


With lighting so real and text so bland I’m almost thinking this was done by two artists. The text should have effects like shadows, shading, 3d or something. As for the rays in the background, there’s too many. Reduce the amount. Also as for choosing what to design, it should be something that explains itself. You should also avoid people as the central focus. I see a lot of people overuse this idea. Try to stand out. Images for a game are whst determines if they will play or not. Does the image tell me what it’s about? Does it give me, the player, an emotion that makes me want to jump into the game? If someone who has never played sees this, would they be interested?

Here’s one that I thought looks like yours, but done in a more professional fashion. Notice the character. He is doing something more than holding something. He is lifting a jet, it really makes me want to jump right in and lift! He also doesn’t overdo the rays and the text, while simple, is a nice font and works! Your font could use a different color from the background as well.

Sorry for typing a lot and this is just what I personally think is better for the image. You can have different views and ideas.


The lighting on the character is way to bright, which doesn’t seem natural. The emoji the guy is holding is very pixelated, but so is his hat, mask, and body. The font looks good with the background, it would also be a good idea to outline your character and lighten him so he stands out more.