Feedback on Game Icon

This is a game icon i made for someone.

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That looks cool! I like how you made each limb equal despite incorporating movement. It’s very rare I see that. Keep up the good work!

Also, how much are you being paid?

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wow that’s nice but I have some few criticism I like to give


  • The Overall GFX is nice but your character seems to be bothering me
  • The arms are like french fries, for me I think they are not wide enough and also the right arm (on my side) is like curved or something:
  • I like the sunburst effect and the text design but I have some few recommendations to give:
    image for me I think it would be nice if you take of the two lines on the gradient text, it’s like not matching the Icon and really bothers me

But Overall the GFX is very nice but one said:

There’s always a room for improvement

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Thank You, And i got 500 Robux for this.

I Did not make the noob vector its a stock image

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