Feedback on game idea

for the last year and a half, I had been working on remaking my 3d platformer game honair’s haven I had stopped creating devlogs a while ago but wanted to get back into it most of the game is finished but I’m just not happy with how it turned out and it’s just too difficult to work on by myself

so… I’ve decided to remake it again.

I know what you’re thinking “it’s going to turn out the same” BUT I’m going to make the game a 2D PLATFORMER a lot of people might not like this as much but I think it would be way easier and way more fun to make and to play.

don’t worry it will keep all the story the style and most of the stuff from the original honair’s haven and I might even release the 3d version just for fun.

but I’m going to take my time on this game and maybe work on some other things Aswell as getting better at blender.

the new generative ai could be helpful as well since I can’t code at all.

I want this game to turn out good I’m not going to rush it ill remake a level if I don’t like how, it turned out and maybe I’ll even hire people to do the stuff that I can’t but I do want to make most of the game since I like working solo and knowing that I made the game and didn’t just pay other people to

anyways here is the gameplay that I think will make it different than most 2d platformers.

basically, it would still be in a village and still have levels and stuff, but I was thinking of having these plants like carrots, apples, cherries and they would give you movement abilities.

you would start by just being able to walk and maybe by eating a carrot you gain the ability to jump.

now just having this would be boring because you would just unlock new abilities as the level goes on but here is the twist.

you can only eat 1 plant at a time. you can also pick up plants so like carrots would spawn in the ground or apples would spawn on trees and you could pick them up without eating them.
so, you could bring fruits around the place or bring them somewhere were you need it.

you could also drop and throw plants so if you need an apple at the top of a ledge but need a carrot to be able to jump on top of the ledge you could throw the apple to the top then eat the carrot and jump up

I’ve already created 4 different plants and a puzzle idea that is pretty complicated this will probably be pretty hard to implement but I think it will be worth it.

anyways that’s it. I’m very excited to start working on this new game. and I will definitely be making devlogs so look out for those!

if you want to be notified when I release a devlog you can follow me or just ask in the replies here and ill @ you in the devlogs

Cya! in the first devlog


I wish you success in your project, good luck with you!