Feedback on game in development

Just a little info: I am making a realistic “streets” game where the map settings ranges from poor and dirty looking to nice and rich class. I’ve taken into account that most realistic games cannot be handled by majority of roblox users devices and optimized the best I could. This game will primarily be full of gun shooting adrenaline junkies I feel. Feedback would be really appreciated.

The sway when walking is pretty annoying and big and the map is quite plain but other then that its pretty good

Thanks for the feedback, the sway might be removed in the future, as for the map, I have to make sure the performance is decent for all devices, so yes there is a lack of items such as trash cans, garbage piles, cars, fire hydrants, and signs, etc…

I found a few issues on mobile

  • My camera would clip through every wall, making it hard to navigate and would cause some weird gunfights.

  • The UI when holding the rocket launcher was overwhelming, there were so many small, similar looking buttons right next to each other.

  • 6 player servers? I’m assuming that’s for the demo because I think you’d need a larger server for a game like this.

I do like the lighting and the atmosphere, and I definitely see this having potential once it’s polished. Very well done.

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Maybe try to tone the sway down a little bit and also when you switch from the gun to fists you stay in first person view which i found to be really annoying if you’re fighting but other than that pretty good

You should make the camera shake less effected when walking its really annoying.

Hello thank you for your feedback sir, I have not been able to edit the mobile controls yet, could you send a screenshot of the mobile UI?

Awesome, I will improve on it!

Here is my feedback:

  • The camera moves way too much
  • The rocket launcher GUI is too complicated
  • The punch animation need to be improved, my avatar looks very stiff while using that animation
  • The map is way too big and at the moment, it looks bland

Other than that, I think that this game has potential.

Are you on mobile? Please send screenshots of the rocket GUI I was unaware that it was in the game. And yes the camera will be fixed and everything touched up upon release.

So far, the game seems promising. I’d just suggest to make the RPG UI a bit more simple on mobile as there’s so much going on at once that it almost makes you anxious not knowing what to press first. Like the others have said, make the movement screen effect slightly noticable as it’s a bit intense atm. Besides that, I’m down to see the finished polished product.

My personal feedback is that this game is quite good, however I did find a few minor issues (some might not even be issues), which are listed below (not including what has been said):

  • I can barely jump over the smallest obstacles, maybe increase the jump power by a little bit (assuming you don’t want them to jump as high as their own body).

  • The light distribution across the map is needs a bit of polishing, some places are pitch black and other places are excessively bright at night (I do like the lighting at day though).

  • Whenever you stop / equip a weapon, there is this little stutter in the camera that got annoying after a while (I assume it is from the humanoid’s camera offset being set back to 0).

  • Not as important, but it changed the skin color of my hands when I equipped weapons.

Other than those 4 (and what hasn’t already been said), I found the game quite enjoyable. I like the gun mechanics in general and the hovering effect when you purchase weapons. I do hope to see this game do well.

Thanks for the feedback! I will be working on fixing these things tonight!

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For some reason the dev forum won’t let me upload the image of the GUI so I put it on imgur. Here’s the link: Rocket launcher GUI - Album on Imgur

Very realistic and didn’t fry my PC on max graphics! Good job!

Thanks! Yes dev forum was down for me as well. I will be working on optimizing this!

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Thanks! This is the exact outcome I have been optimizing for.