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If anyone could give me some advice on a sword tournament lobby my team and I are working on, that would be great. I feel as if it’s a bit repetitive and am just not sure what to add to fit this winter medieval low poly lobby. I want to decorate the lobby as much as possible with colors and other assets.

Picture if you can’t go to the place:

Place link: [FOR SALE] Medieval Lobby - Roblox


I think it looks very nice! To make the lobby feel more alive, I’d highly recommend adding in some NPCs. If you can animate them, that’d definitely help. Also, you might want to consider adding in some music that fits the theme of your game. I feel as though the insides of the buildings are lacking, so if you could furnish those a bit more, and maybe add some diversity in color, I think that’d go a long way.


Overall, it looks great. The style and color palette are excellent and unique. I would, however, recommend that there is a central point. A central fountain or courtyard that the buildings surround would give a place for all the players to meet and interact rather than walking a non-centralized lobby. Hope that makes sense!

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Overall, looks really great! In addition to the previous replies, maybe add some snow particles to enhance the overall winter-themed design! Also consider adding some different structured buildings, as they do seem a tad repetitive. Regardless, it looks amazing! Great work! :hugs:

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Looks great, when I clicked on the link I expected it to be a plain non-detailed lobby like most developers appear to add into their links, but this one is different it looks amazing, and I love the amount of detail put into this lobby. I love the winter theme, and the neon ground effects. The trees, and overall models look fantastic, great job!

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I’m loving the Low poly type look with the snow covering the road just a tad eye blinding ingame overall really good.

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I agree with @sevenpolygons, adding in some NPC’s will make the game seem fuller, scripted or not, they’ll still add some cheer to your lobby. I would add some market stalls to implement a bit of color into it, but that’s just me. I hope any of this could help, good luck on your endeavors!

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With NPCs, should they be walking NPCs or NPCs that just stay in one spot that you can interact with Currently, we have a NPC where you go up to them and press the keybind ‘c’ and they speak. @sevenpolygons @DesertedArtist

Lobby look okay like very okay, but mountains in background look just poor add some snow to them!

Low poly mountains or terrain mountains?

I mean these mountains.


I really like the amount of detail you placed into the ground and the little shops nearby. The trees look really organic with the way you rotated them. I do believe the mountains could be improved a little by adding snow or some depth to really tie the entire map together.