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Hello, so I would like some feedback on my upcoming games map. The game is an adventure game, I wont go deep into details but, you are going around the made up state of Rumoria. You are in the town of Corms, you can as well go to other towns such as Halvor Falls, etc. Anyways here’s some pictures, please tell me what you think I should do.

(the map is not finished, this is a portion of it.)





Its alright although could use some more landscaping. Such as removing a few trees and adding maybe mailboxes next to each house, streetlights etc. Also the road looks a bit uneven if you look at the sidewalks.

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Alright, I have fixed the sidewalks. I will be removing some tree’s near the waterfall, and maybe adding some more rocks down there.

Okay here is an honest review. It looks terrible. I will give you some tips for improvements for your game.

  • The bridge looks terrible if you want to have a smooth bridge use a plugin called Gap fill,
    or learn blender.
  • Try to make your own assets.
  • If you want to achieve a cartoony look use smooth plastic for your materials.
  • Try to add more details to your builds, for example, for the exterior of the lab you could add more details to the windows, and for the building itself because it looks terrible.
  • Try to learn more about design, for example join some adventure games and look at their design try to learn more about it.

Overall it is a good start if you are new to building.

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The game, is a good start for know. Like all the different details you added in the map area. Looks really good however here is a couple of things to add to your map and change! As by looking at it you could improve it a little more better.

The trees looks quite decent. But they seem there the same color i would recommend, you add different styles of trees to your map! to look more better as you can, see you have green, yellow, red, duplicated all through the map. It could be improved more better!! Like you could add some rocks, flowers, logs, branches, on the ground i think that would. Look more decent in your map…

It looks a little empty in there try. Adding more rocks inside the water part to look more better, and in the street part it’s quite empty as well try adding some trash cans, lights on the house, ect. To fill it up a bit more and you could add the. Yellow line mark inside the road part as well!!

I see some of the houses are the same you could add different styles to them. Maybe add large ones, and other small, ones to look nice as i can see there are (4) blue houses in the same area. I would remove those and add different ones to your map! and as said above you can do a little more details, with the landscape like. Add mountains different trees to fill up the place.

Large Building
The large lab could use some more details. To it you could add some more windows and try using the glass material instead of using the neon effect. And add some trees, rocks, streetlights, ect. To look more like a lab if you need some ideas! here is a image. To show you some examples on what to add to your lab…!




These road gradients are terrifying… You should make it have a lower gradient so that it’s less unrealistic but also will make it easier for cars to drive up them if you plan on having vehicles.

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I do not plan on having vehicles, the streets are walking paths, my inspiration is from Loomian Legacy, I plan on having scrolls to find instead of Loomians, and I plan on having NPC’s, that can help you locate scrolls etc.

Opinions: (BTW, this topic is supposed to be in #development-support:building-support since it’s related to building)

  • I really don’t appreciate how you used free models for the trees. If you want to be unique, you gotta make your own builds, not get them from free models.

  • That laboratory could use some more detail, even if it’s low-poly. Maybe add some more windows?

  • As what is previously stated, the bride looks a bit bad. You can either use blender, or Gapfill if you want.

To be honest, this is actually really good if your quite new in building. I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks, I’ve actually been building sense 2016, although I did stop for a long while in 2017. I fixed the bridge gaps, and I do agree with the FM tree’s, although I think I may just keep them.

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Your map is awsome i like how you came up with it i do have some suggestions.


(1) the house look the same in the area below,you should make the three different color"s.

(2) you should make the road on the hill smooth shown below

(3) you should"nt keep it basic with the Laboratory you should add little windows,and bushes,even a little light it would bring it out more.

Like @C0_le said you should remove some tree"s.

otherwise the whole map looks great keep it up.

Hope this help.


Hello. I have taken your suggestions into careful consideration.
Thank you for the suggestions, and this is what I’ve improved:

  • Fixed the bridge
  • Removed 2 of the 4 blue houses and added some new ones
  • I am going to be doing some things to the lab on July 25th



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The game looks very good, The houses look good, but I recommend you add some mailboxes to them for detail. Also, the trees look good, but they’re all so close to each-other, you can make some smaller and some bigger, and maybe even add some rocks in stead of trees. Other than that, you did a good job! :smiley:

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Good from what I’ve seen the map looks pretty good but in the time I’ve been in the forum and learned a lot of things good these are my points of view with which you can improve your map

1:the trees you used are free model that you changed color

2:the map looks good but try to add more houses to fill in the empty spaces

3:use another kind of tree such as low poly tree.

well anyway try not to use free models in the trees if you change that I think it will be a good game great job

I agree with your suggestions, good points made, I mostly agree with your low-poly tree style. The low-poly trees are definitely getting more and more popular. Good job! :smiley:


Here you go:

  • You should make some mountains instead of just having huge grass blocks around the map.

  • Try to make your own assets
    (avoid free models).

  • The trees should have different sizes. Try to make more tree variations.

  • I noticed that the road leads to a house and to the grass block, that kinda looks odd and unrealistic.

  • Add in more vegetation (bushes, plants, flowers etc…)

  • No offence but the lab doesn’t look good at all… Try to find some reference images on google.

That all I had! Wish you good luck and please try to avoid free models, im sure your build will look more special without them :wink:

This post goes in Building Support, not Game Design support.

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