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Hey! So, I’ve been making a game and I am wondering what people think of this game idea. I feel like theres something missing to it, and don’t want this game to be flawed at its core haha :sweat_smile:

Heres the game:

  • Round based
  • A few players are chosen per round. The rest of the players are spectators
  • The players chosen get teleported to a map where they do puzzles (the map itself is fine)
  • The spectators all see one player at a time. It automatically switches between the chosen players at random
  • The spectators can sabotage the players to get points

There are more concepts in the game itself, but this is just the part what I’d like feedback on! If you have any ideas let me know! Thanks


What is the chosen player to spectator ratio? How do the spectators sabotage the players? Do they sabotage independently or collectively? What are the puzzles like and how do the chosen players win? How many different maps/puzzles are there? Is there a time limit? What do you do with points?

From what you’ve explained, it’s pretty confusing and hard for me to give feedback. I think for the average player it’d be confusing as well and nowadays players don’t take too much time to figure out how to play a game. From my interpretation, having a collective vote to sabotage in some way and an independent sabotage both have their cons, as well as players could get frustrated if they are only chosen to be a spectator or a chosen player. Could you provide more information on the game please?


Yea, sorry I can give more info! (also my apologies for the late response)

  1. There are 4 players and 4 spectators in a server, though this is subject to change.

  2. The spectators gain mana for sabotages throughout the round (100 mana cap). Wondering if the mana should reset every time the spotlight changes, to prevent saving mana for one player?

  3. They sabotage independently. This is something I would definitely like feedback on and is probably my main concern, haha. I’ve though about collective sabotages but I’m not sure how that would work. The main progression in the game is buying different sabotages to use

  4. The puzzles aren’t too hard. Some of them are just matching patterns, or just doing a small obby. You get more points depending on how time consuming or hard the puzzle may be

  5. There is a time limit, though it is currently undecided. Was thinking 4 minutes a round

  6. Each chosen player is on their own team during normal rounds, and the player with the most points wins. There are some ways to take damage, and if you “die” you just get stunned. At the end of the round, you get currency based on how you did. You spend currency on sabotages, possibly character perks, and cosmetics

  7. The maps are randomly generated, consisting of around 50 rooms (not expected to go through each room, but to give the choice if you don’t want to do certain puzzles). There is either one map per round, or each player gets their own map depending on what is voted for. There are around 5 different ‘themes’ for maps with their own look currently

  8. I’ve done a few things to help keep the game less repetitive (getting same role every round). First, its chosen based on percent, so you are less likely to just be one role. Another thing is there are special rounds every 3rd/4th round. Every player is transported to one map with something special, and there are 2 teams

If you have any more questions let me know!

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Thanks for the increased details, I have a better understanding now.

My first question is, what are the actual sabotages like? How badly do they effect the player being sabotaged (if it’s as bad as I’m imagining, then I would recommend making the player to spectator ratio 5:3, otherwise I think even would be fine), and how do the spectators win?

I like your game concept, and I think it has potential. If I were you, my biggest concern would be how to get the right target audience and making sure they understand thoroughly how to play.

Now that I got more information, I think independent sabotages are better than collective sabotages. Also, I thought about whether or not the mana should carry over or reset, and originally I would say to carry it over but thanks to the argument you brought up about targeting someone, I think it they should reset or at most start at a preset (ex., start at 20/100 when change, 50/100, 35/100, depending on how much the sabotages cost and how quickly you gain mana)

Other than that, the number of rooms you said you have seems like a good amount for at least the release of the game and I like the idea of buying new sabotages, character perks, and cosmetics. Looking forward to the game, good luck and LMK once it comes out!


I feel like you should rework your spectator idea. It sounds interesting but you should reconfigure it in a way where the sabotagers get to play the game as well with their own character.


Thanks for the feedback! Depending on how the testing goes, I may change how spectating works. Having the spectators be able to play is definitely a good idea if I can do it right

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Ive actually thought of a new sabotage system where it’s a mix of collective and independent, and I feel a lot better about the sabotages now! It’s a bit hard to explain without showing how it works, but basically it’s a queue with one larger sabotage per player, but everyone can send smaller sized sabotages at the same time! This makes it so the big sabotages can be more impactful without it being unfair haha. Spectators can’t really win, but they do get extra currency if they stun the player

I’ll definitely make sure to focus on readability and finding a good target audience! Thanks for all the feedback, I’ll let you know when the game comes out

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