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Hello! I’m trying to make a fighting and exploration game (similar to bloxfruits), and I just finished the first city I made. I am trying very hard to make this game look good while maintaining good performance ( performance similar to bloxfruits), and I have tested a variety of low-end devices on max graphics.

But I only have so many devices. Can you help test the performance on your device and suggest what I should add/remove (and maybe suggest what content I should add or change?) Thanks! (17) Fighting Game! - Roblox

Please state the low and average FPS or GPU latency, what gpu you have (or what phone, console you have), what graphics level you are testing on, and what type of devices you are on, and also screen resolution (if you are on PC):

18 fps low (60 ms) and 25 fps average (40 ms), Intel UHD 630, graphics level 10, PC, 1080p
37 fps low (30 ms) and 45 fps average (21), Intel UHD 770, graphics level 10, PC, 1080p
60 fps low (2.4 ms) and 60 fps avg (1.8 ms), RTX 3060, graphics level 10, PC, 1080p
55 fps low (18 ms) and 60 fps avg (14 ms), IPhone 6s, graphics level 10, Phone

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CPU 30ms, GPU 30 ~40ms, Intel corei3, 2 core, Graphic max, volume max, camera sensitivity max, Laptop lmao.


Decided to do the performance measurements in this location since a lot of lighting/somewhat in the middle of the town:

CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti with Max-Q Design

Max Graphics (10) on Laptop/PC, 60fps.

More details





Thanks for the feedback!

I’m assuming you’re using integrated graphics then? Does the game run better or worse than in other really popular games?

kk thanks! It seems like the fps ms is getting close to 16 ms (60 fps), and you graphics card seems to be quite powerful, which worries me for the performance of the game.

Can you also list the resolution of your monitor?

Native monitor resolution is 1920x1080.

alright, thanks! Also, did you have vsync on?

Thanks everyone for responding! I am making it so shadows only enable if you are a certain distance from a light source, and I’m trying to reduce triangle count.

Yes, vSync is on by standard. Otherwise I would have this result;


The game currently run kinda smooth on my device with some occasional tiny frame drop. This is a result of you generate everything using parts, Roblox textures and you kept the map small. In the future, if you extend the map further will definitely cause lag to my weakest device due to the fact that your map uses a lot of lightings and the lighting technology is Future which will cause the CPU to calculate concisely, causing much unwanted delay for the gameplay. Hope this help.

Alright, thanks! I have decided to now only enable shadows from light sources that are inside a building. Do you recommend me to use a different type of lighting engine instead? I still want to use Future lighting due to the lights looking really beautiful

I’m still testing stuff in another testing server

Wise decision but the problem with your map is that it is at night and contain lots of lights, therefore there is no real solution for your particular needs (Optimized realism). I advise you to can change the map to the day if you can, only then you can change the lighting technology to a more low end friendly. Note that if you want to implements the concise lights of Future, it will be really hard to include in the low end devices to your game so max graphic is something the low end devices have to sacrifice. There are many aspects that will cause lag in your game if left uncaring in your game so I wish you best on your optimization journey, it will be a long way if you want good graphic but it has not yet proven impossible.

Thank you for the informative response. The map was supposed to start as day, but I forgot to code it in. All the lights apart from the ones inside the buildings turn off during the day