Feedback on game progress

So, there’s this game I am working on with 5 of my friends,
There are currently:
**x2 Scripters @Ya1rKr0 @Ancientcub **
**x2 Animators (+Mesher and VFX) @Averx10 @OneBoiDev **
x2 Builders @Convid_San @DontKnowHisDevforum

We started programming and building on the 10/07/2020, about 3 weeks ago~
and this is what we have:

+ a lot more scripted NPCs and fully done datastore stat levelling system.

I think we got pretty solid progress for a team that’s been working only for 3 weeks, however, I would like your opinion from an unbiased opinion.

Thank you for reading :smile:


I think it looks great so far, just some of the npcs look a bit unpolished.