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So I have released a game on Roblox a while ago teaching you how to script, I have made tons of lessons and will add more when I get more ideas, however I want to improve the GUI as I think it is quite basic. Does anybody have any suggestions? I have some photos below:

The first photo is the main page where you can select a lesson, the second photo is what it looks like while doing a lesson. When you complete a lesson confetti appears from the bottom of the screen and it says “Lesson Complete”. Anything that stands out to anyone that can be improved?

The game can be found here

EDIT: I have completely revamped the GUI to have a dark theme


The only thing I think you could improve is the size of the letters, on the second image the letters are kinda small

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Mhhhh…no…I don’t really like it. The black on the light blu isn’t the best colors couple for me. Usually script editors are black or grey because when you script you need calm. So I would make the boxes black and the studio logos grey but this is just my opinion, remember that you mostly must make the player feel good, the biggest part of scripters have the scripts editor in dark mode.


What would be a better alternative to black text?

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I would suggest to set a default color which could be black or white and then let the player choose the color of the editor and saving it. Basically black or white…

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the color and outline of the UI is kinda bland and it dosent show off much detail maybe try removing the outline and adding a shadow and make the UI round that should add more touch to it

I like it but I would consider more of a grey, more dark themed interface, its a bit straining on the eyes.

What kind of style are you going for?

I’m bored so I make this rq. You could base it off something like this


That is incredible! Let me try that out.

I could try to make the design in roblox studio (it was made in Adobe XD) and send you the file if you want.

omg that would be so incredible

Thank you, and am a builder, can do hfs if I wanted to and can also animate!!
All I wanted to know is how to script, you mean a lot to this commute my fellow ROBLOXAINS, you really do!!

Yea this one is more better I like the dark color and the roblox studio icons.

I just messaged you the file. ---------

Looks great! I would add a couple of things. Noticing that there are a lot of tutorials, I think a search bar can help users to find the tutorials they are looking for. Adding to this, a filtering option between plus, and regular. This would eliminate the need to look through both types of tutorials. Finally, making the border a different color based of if you have bought a plus tutorial, alternatively you could add a store and library for owned and non owned premium tutorials.

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You’re going to want to change that background.

It’s way to distracting, and makes it difficult to read words in some places.

I would set it maybe as a boarder. I’d put a black box w/ white text for the title, and description. Then I’d do grey with white text for both the code and output.

make more pages so you can make the icons bigger and also make the icons text, etc 3D or something

@PurpleGamer112800 This is exactly what I was intending!