Feedback on Game

Hello! I just wanted some feedback on my game so far, the team (2 people) has been working on this for about 3 months and want to know what the community thinks. I think areas that could be improved the most are the city, spawn, and some of the open areas, but let us know what you think. Thanks!

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I like the weapon models the rifles looks very clean!

The only thing I would recommend adding is UIAspectRatioConstraints for the UI. When on mobile, or a tab is minimized the scale is a bit off

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this game looks interesting also im liked giant station at space

Seems pretty good overall, though might wanna work on the UI…

I’m on a iPhone 12 btw

A quick explanation for the ui on mobile, the original plan was to have the game open to phone users until we had a decent enough fight system to call it an fps game (then it would be computer only) and so the ui wasn’t our primary concern, if we do however receive enough support on the project mobile support may be added.