Feedback on Game

Hello Developers,

I was recently working on a quick-fun game and wanted to feedback on the gun animations. I should mention that I have only animated a couple of times, but still constructive criticism is accepted.

Unfortunately, my recorder isn’t working, So I guess I can only give game link.

Game: Link

All Feedback is Appreciated,

I don’t think it’s that good of an idea

  1. Anyone can add any decal they’d like to the game.
  2. you can just move the baseplate and delete the spawnlocation, causing an infinite death loop.
    If you want to make a building and fighting game, you’ll have to make your own very limited building system instead of just giving the player this much power.

I was, also asking for feedback on animations…

Animations are ok. Wish I could swap between the building tool and my gun without having to wait, though.

It’s supposed to be there for non-spam purposes.

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Why would spamming between building tool and gun be a problem though?

Exploits. My script has a function which requires a delay.
for anti-exploit purposes.

I suggest making a building system and avoiding using Building Tools. Btools have a feature that anyone can copy an asset from the game and export it into studio.