Feedback on Game!

Hello! I recently released a game. I’ve been working on it for a month and what I mean by a month is not working on it for month but 2 weeks.

This was a game inspired by my other game Color Rarity :shamrock::art: [UPD 3] 2X Event! - Roblox but was discontinued cause it had really bad code, and fake rarity systems.

This game has a better rarity system with actual odds! There are secrets around the map, and upgrades.


Update 1

  • Add more shapes (obv)
  • Fix bugs if any
  • Add a new manager (Color Manager)
  • Add a shop

Update 2

  • Update graphics
  • Refine systems
  • Add some more secret badges

Any feedback is highly appreciated! Whether the icon, uis, bugs, gameplay, etc.


I noticed that my character was fully loaded in before the loading screen ever started loading. Not too big of a deal, just something to possibly fix.

Another suggestion: make it so that the you earned/rarity gui disappears after about 3ish seconds of inactivity

You could also add a leaderboard that keeps track of how much money players have, motivating them to play more.

I’m noticing that a couple of the shapes that you can spawn are not properly anchored and can be touched by the player. Two shapes that I have seen do this are the heart and arrow.

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It’s pretty impossible. I am using profile service which is not suitable for a leaderboard. Although it can made, it’s going to be madly hard, and I have no idea how to make it through profile service.

You don’t have to, you can use normal OrderedDatastores

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Pretty cool concept tho there’s not much to it. try using a viewport frame to show the shapes in 3d so the player can move around the map while getting new shapes, and otherwise create some original art for it!

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So other than the rolled text, add a viewport as well?

Okay so I updated my game, although I did not add another manager, I added most things such as a shop! Here’s the Icon:

Added a update log!

The new update looks pretty good, although it reset the player’s money. I also noticed that you fixed most of the shapes being collidable, although I found one more that you can still collide with.

You could add colors to the shapes, and make it so that certain colors are worth more than others. (Just an idea, to give the game a bit more color).

That’s the second update coming soon! It’ll be unlocked once you get enough money.

I had to reset because it was using a “test” template and not a real one. Sorry abt that