Feedback on game

Record yourself playing if you can! It helps!

Hey there! I understand your enthusiasm in getting some constructive criticism, but I believe you should just update your original post at this point, because there’s about five posts about Inferno feedback by now. Thank you for your time.

Inferno IS good, though

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Mods, can you delete this topic? Thanks! @infamous_eddy please delete.

Its more like 10. I always thought there was this unspoken rule that once you create a post and get replies, you can’t just boost it again to keep getting replies, so I kept creating new topics. I’ll just boost the old topic from now on. :angst:

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Yeah, it’s boosting a topic-or ‘bumping’- without providing any legitimate assistance or further information on topic that’s not allowed.

Right. I’ll say something like 'i added xxx! it completely changes your experience! try testing again!" maybe make a devlog too

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