Feedback on gamepass icon

2022 UPDATE: People have been asking, and some people have actually done this, so I am putting it out here: I DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR ANYONE TO USE THIS IN THEIR GAME EVEN WITH PROPER CREDIT.

I originally was not planning to make gamepass icons, but since I wanted to add more variety to the options clients can choose from my commission options, I made a practice gamepass icon few days ago!

Other than the rough lines I may forgotten to clean up… I would like some feedback on the general composition and visual appeal of this icon, and if it would be actually… y’know… suited for a gamepass icon… (any other types of feedback I didn’t list is welcome as well!)

(I would appreciate your compliments, but right now, I am mainly looking for feedback and would prefer if any compliments get redirected to likes instead of replies!)


Ok, this is really good. The ONE thing I would change is nothing. It looks really good.


very nice design pretty cool man

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Wow great V.I.P Gamepass logo design!

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Looks impressive, I love the design you added to this icon.

i love it! i love the line art, colors, and overall design! the only thing i could possibly think of is to maybe make the sunglasses a little neater? but other than that, it’s awesome!


I don’t see anything wrong with it, I think it looks great.

Great 10/10! This would fit right into a “Simulator Game”

can I have permission to use this in my game? I really like this icon

No, you may not. Consider commissioning me one though!

I can give your proper credits?

no, sorry. this is old and I’d rather not let it be used in ANY game.