Feedback on GamePass shop UI

hey developers! I have recently been working on my new game Bridge Of Doom! Here is the new UI!


0/10 dont make it cartoony text. its overused and looks the same as every other game #boring

also out of all colors why green and grey together

but its a simulator game…

I just like grey and colors combined

It’s the same as all other games and has no uniqueness. Looking at this ui makes me think of all the other simulator games out there.

Literally any other font that is available."game+user+interface"&sxsrf=ALiCzsarbN5IZnTxrP0iAVxBJ07nugC-HA:1671391704152&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi4vrmm84P8AhU1pnIEHRX2D3wQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1463&bih=883&dpr=1#imgrc=v4ALcR5ePO2XQM
There are thousands of different styles. If anything, it being a simulator game means it SHOULD NOT be cartoon. Thats what they all use.

Cartoon fonts usually look lower quality, and in only certain instances do they look good, such as Welcome to Bloxburg.

The reason why a lot of games use cartoon fonts is because the cartoon font is aimed for kids toys and accessories everywhere. It’s very basic looking and easy on the eyes, especially for little kids. It doesn’t look intricate and it never looks like it took time to work. A majority of simulator games use cartoon font because most simulator games are thrown together in a month with little thought going into them. Simulator games are typically just cash grabs for other games. Notice how simulator games usually are very buggy and not detailed…

Edit: 5-6 years ago simulator games were not on roblox, and “cartoon font” was very rare.

Bro, its a style… you clearly have no experience in design. Just because some people make cash grabs doesn’t mean all simulator game ARE cash grabs. Fonts don’t decide how good or bad your game is. looking at your profile I can see the lack of experience and the botted followers.

Also using a cartoony fonts are just like using any fonts, its design.

So? Studio was more limited at the time aswell, even if someone wanted to make something it would be way harder to make ANY style of game.

And how hypocritical you are
When I checked your favorites BOOM “Busy Business” a cartoony game with cartoony fonts

You’re right, I don’t do user interface, but I do have eyes and I can tell cartoon interface does not have much design. Your UI has little detail. Notice how the images below have significantly more detail.

You’re right, not all are, but if you look at the owners of a majority of them, they tend to own another game/group that the simulators fund. Simulators mainly started from roleplay groups that needed extra cash, because roleplay groups do not bring in much profit.

They do. Everything defines your game quality. Better quality fonts = better quality game.

I don’t see how this is relevant but I’ve been playing roblox since 2016 and have barely over 1k followers. Thats only 142 followers a year…If you go into any game you are bound to get followers. I used to be a moderator for Hidden Developers, along with helping development of some bigger groups. I’m suprised I don’t have more followers than that. In what world does someone bot roblox followers?

You’re correct, but not all designs are good. Sorry but just because you make something doesn’t mean it looks good, no matter how long u spent.

Studio was limited yes, but not in terms of how games could look. The cartoon font still existed, but no one used it because they spent time making quality UI. And no, it wasn’t that hard to make a simulator game back then. No one made them because they are pointless to anyone older than 12, people were more creative. Go and look at the discover page right now, most of the games are similar with small tweeks.

I don’t know what “Busy Business” is nor why it matters. I don’t favorite games if I like them because I just search them up when I want to play them. And if me having Busy Business in my favorites means that cartoon fonts are good, then go ahead and keep those UI! I’m not the one wasting my time on it, and I never would. In fact, I’m actually working on a game right now (don’t worry I’m not going to copy you by using cartoon fonts) and I’m using Gotham SSm. I suggest looking at different fonts and seeing what works, along with different styles. Also, keep playing with different UI. It’s what everyone does to find what works.

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oh my god, I knew I would waste your time but not this much :skull:

Im giving u advice take it or not lol its not my game

Okay ill just stick too what is successful and fits the game

Ok I don’t know why people are being toxic I think it looks good

I agree cartoony is overused, but if your going for a simulator game with cartoony aspects then of course you would use a cartoony font. ***And for simulator games it isn’t so much of what looks great it’s what attracts little kids, who are the main audience of collector simulators, who spend hours of hours on simulator games. It’s addiction > creativity.

Some suggestions:

I see what your going for with the the green changing shades on the ui, i’d prfer maybe a brighter color, which may make it pop some more.


I want to add on that ui doesn’t directly decide who plays your game. If your ui isn’t well done and boxy and boring players will see it as an eye strain and not enjoy the experience as much. But will full and vibrant cartoony writing, keeps players interested in your ui.

And for the people calling your font un orginal, sure it is. But your game isn’t I played it, I think it’s a neat concept that could definitley built upon.

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Please add mobile support.

It’s simple. Its nice. I do like it. I can see it was easy to make, but hey, at least it looks good!

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Oh diddent know it did that thanks for the help!