Feedback on game's core mechanics

First, play this game:

If you can, record yourself playing. I’ll watch it to see what the average person’s experience is like and how to improve it.

Please answer these questions briefly:

Did you have fun? What was the most fun?

Was the fire hard to survive?

Was the movement tech useful, responsive, and fun? How could it improve?

What didn’t you understand?

What was the best round type? The worst one?

And anything else you’d like to add.


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I am trying to figure where to go to play. I am alone and the spectate round button teleports you outside the map and kills you.

You need two players to start. I can’t join rn, sorry. Maybe invite friends.

I’m guessing there is a reason for this, but the models of maps keep regenerating in the lobby.

Yeah that’s normal but unneeded, I can remove it when I get a chance

There are 3 things I saw that you could change if you like to make the game slightly better.

  1. I’m not sure if you want to keep the ability to heal, but if not, I recommend adding a local script into Starter Player Scripts, renaming it Health, and removing all the code from it. This will stop the player from healing, which is especially helpful since they heal while dead.

  2. Set the forcefield duration in the spawnpoint to 0. This is kind of annoying when the player joins, and won’t affect the gameplay.

  3. Set the respawn time for players to be less so that they don’t have to wait as long to respawn.

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Thanks! Have you gotten a chance to actually play a match yet?

Yeah, I will be posting a video of me playing a couple rounds shortly.

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I just realized that the video quality is terrible, so I won’t be able to post it. However, the overall gameplay is good. The rounds seem to work fine, and it is nice to have multiple game modes. A couple of other things I noticed that you might try fixing is the overlapping of death messages on the screen. Also, I would recommend making them smaller and putting them somewhere off to the side so they don’t impede gameplay. I would make it so that in the arson round, the fire can spread across the ground, but can’t make the ground drop out of the map, since this causes the fire to not be able to spread to other parts of the map, such as the trees.

The loss of the ground is necessary because it reduces your ability to leave the region, essentially tightening the play field until you use movement tech to escape or fall and die. Did you have feedback on the movement tech?

What do you mean by movement tech?

Double jumping, sprinting, items that affect energy (cola, witches brew, food pickups), using them in combinations for different purposes, strategically using your energy.

For the most part, the movement tech worked really well. I like that you can jump to boost yourself forward. I did notice that while you are drinking the bloxy cola, the players speed is set to zero, temporarily disabling movement.

I noticed that if you enter the Relax Area v1.0, you can’t exit it again. When you try to exit, you can’t teleported back inside. Unfortunately, I can’t show you a video of it.

Yeah that’s a mechanic where if you feel safe enough, you can chug a cola to heal up and energize, but if you chose wrong and become endangered, you are stuck. You can jump-dash while drinking, but its consumes too much energy to get out of large hazards. I did clutch once or twice with jump-dash while drinking cola, it’s really cool and addictive to do.

I’m aware of that. I think it’s alright, and it was intentional. I’ll consider changing it.

I might recommend doing these few things (these are all suggestions, not necessarily things you have to add):

  • Find a way to stop the hover guis for the shop from overlapping. (Not really necessary, just makes it looks neater).
  • Turn off player collisions.
  • Make it so that in sudden death round, the players lives are set to 1 each, so if they die, the other person instantly wins.
  • Add more badges to make the game more interactive.
  • Make it so that the fire extinguish can’t collide with the player, since it can move the player around
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Now that I know that it is called the solid extinguisher, and is different from the fire extinguisher, ignore that last suggestion.