Feedback on Gaming Room!

I decided to get to know about your criticism and feedback on this gaming room I made. The gaming room has a computer setup, air conditioner, wall lamp, bed, bean chair, a lampstand, and le funny bed. This is the only picture that I screenshot. I would love to hear your feedback as well. Thanks for viewing this! Thumb up and leave a like, gamer!

Please, make sure that you will only need to send feedback with pictures that you want me to change.


looks pretty good to me
if I had to add something, you could make the edges of the bed mattress round
you could also add design to the head of the bed (the wood part next to the pillow)

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Very nice at all. I think there could be also small nightstand over the bed. Also good job with keeping everything in one colour palette.

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Amazing as usual friend! Only thing I suggest is adding a rug…might look kind of nice…and actually now that I think about it, some little props might be kind of neat on that shelf above the desk.

Also, think you could give us some close-ups?

Edit: A small shelf above the the bed might be kind of cool too. :slight_smile:

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