Feedback on Gems UI

Hey, recently I have put some effort into making a Gem Purchasing UI for my game and here is how it looks so far:


My main issue right now is trying to find free vector graphics to fill the slots (for example: Pile of Gems, Chest of Gems, ect.) and also want some feedback on the UI and how I can improve it so it will look nicer in game.

Thanks in advance. :blush:


it looks perfect imo
you could rotate the “best deal” text to make it look nicer


This is a wonderful gems UI, but there are a few things that I would recommend changing, the first one is the best deal purchase background, I would suggest making the background slightly orange so that it looks a but more aesthetically pleasing considering its a discount. And the second thing is the close UI button, I think that you could make the ‘X’ slightly smaller.

Nice small little UI. Only things I would recommend is shrinking thes size of the “X” Button, rotating “Best Deal!”, and to find better vectors, use this site:

So yeah basically what everyone else said. You also might want to align the boxes perfectly, if you can see, the 600 Robux one goes a bit farther down than the 2,400. Not a big deal but just a thought!

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To be honest. It’s perfect. that’s an amazing hard work right here. Good job :ok_hand:

Looks amazing! Perfect!

Keep up the good work dude! :smile:

Thanks for all the feedback! Here is an update:

Nice job man! Looks super clean! GG

I love it! I was originally going to say the prices were too high but you changed them to fair prices. I like it very much and I hope you the best with your game!

That’s looking great! However, I think the close icon and button looks way to big if you look at the size on the other elements in the User Interface. Aside from that, it’s great!