Feedback On GFX Commission

Been working on a few commissions and just wanted feedback on this and not just this but also my new branding at the top. All feedback appreciated! (Alias - TakeThisTaco)

Black White

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The background looks a lot brighter than the character. Other than that it looks pretty good.

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Yeah noticed that down the road also how is the branding?


It looks pretty good. I would try and make it blend in with everything a little bit more, but that’s just me.

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I agree with this. :smiley:
It looks good! :+1:

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You should use a custom rig like this: PaintRigV3.blend (801.4 KB) this is not mine dont credit me

Anyways, looks good.

I actually don’t use blender to make these but I want to try to learn then I can pose them and they look smoother.

i’d suggest changing the lighting colour to red so it blends in more

Thanks, I will mess with the lighting more next time.

Oh wow, I thought this was blender lol
In that case, I don’t think this is considered a GFX

It does, GFX is just any high-quality image with graphics.

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Its a medium to low quality GFX, the lighting is not good, and I think there needs to be props and clothing folds to make it stand out more.

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