Feedback On GFX For A Game Icon

Hello! So this is my first time making a GFX, and I need some feedbacks! It’s for my game icon!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Keep in mind it isn’t my first, so it isn’t the the best! :happy3:

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Looks good a first time. You should change the text, it doesn’t really fit the GFX.

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Thank you! Also that’s what I was thinking too! But I wasn’t pretty sure haha! :happy3:

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That sniper pretty squished.

  • Change the posing of the sniper or rifle

  • Use a HDRI

  • Use Cycles (Note: It pixelates but its sampling the image)

  • Like what @MeesieBoyXL said change the font to be more bold (Find some fonts at

  • Background kinda meh (I don’t know how to fix it’s your choice I guess)

  • Avatar Choice is weird since the character is holding a weapon would it be more army (WW1 or WW2 theme (use WW2 theme it has more weapons.))

That’s some of the errors I saw. :+1:


The main problem is the gun they are holding. Seems as if a 50 inch gun was compressed to 20 inches. I would suggest using a shorter gun instead of compressing a long gun.

Another flaw is the shadows, they don’t look very well, very blocky.

Other than these flaws it isn’t too terrible for a completely 3d render as a beginner (I assume).

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