Feedback on GFX for game

Hello! I decided to make my own gfx for my army group that I am making. I haven’t done a lot of gfx’s so how did it turn out?


Awesome! I love it, Just try making the text a little more bold and maybe add colors?

I think it’s amazing! It’s really well made and I like the lightning. However I’d say that the left arm looks a bit weird, and as @hanavan said, maybe you should try making the text more bold . Other than that, fantastic work!

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I’m a gfx designer myself. It’s good! the only thing is that I recommend you using hdri from hdri haven to make the lighting waaay better. as well like hanavan said, you should make the text bigger and maybe change its font.

Looks fine but the biggest criticism I have is the font being far off from what I would expect from a military game. As for the GFX, while pretty standard it isn’t inherently bad and is acceptable

United states, the S is not capitalized.
Also, the font itself doesn’t fit for the “military” theme, it’s more of a aesthetic game theme.

Make it poppier and desaturate it a little to give it that action-war type of scene look. I’d also recommend fixing the lighting on the main objects of the art. Make the light source higher and also make sure we can see the lighting on the other side of the head, but not so much that it looks like a badly-textured model.

The way the AK-47 is placed with the character’s hand, I feel like you could try replacing it to the right side and see what the end result brings you as it looks a little off in my opinion? Though the way he’s holding the gun seems alright, I do see the clipping texture looks weird looking.

Another thing is to try adding lighting on the other side of the graphic design, to have a better lighting appearance.

The use of sun glare is overall quite unnatural and I feel like you could experiment with it a bit to capture a more natural feel, or make the design feature a proper lighting source, rather than one glare on a single side. There is still space for improvements that could be made.

Looks amazing but on the left side, you should add more lighting to show of the GFX.