Feedback on GFX Game Icon

I just made this game icon for my upcoming Bleach game, what do you guys think about it? I’m still learning and I’m open for feedback.



TL;DR Pose + hair + background = confusion on what the game is about

I do not know much about Bleach but I think what you have so far is very good. However, with the pose the character is in and the lack of facial features, I do not know what mood I should be expecting from the game. I feel like there should be some sort of intimidation, but the pose with the hair and background give me a vibe that it is just supposed to be some handsome model at a photo shoot. If this is supposed to be a fighter style game then I would recommend putting the character in a more menacing pose. I noticed some games do not have a face on their model, and if that is the look you are looking for then that is fine, but facial features can also help convey the mood you would like to set for the game.


You could possibly have changed the background to something that matches your games map.

Looks nice maybe add a face and some blur in the background so that the players are focused on the character

Looks very nice so far.

Like someone said before, adding a slight blur to the background could improve the GFX. You could also add a face to the character, unless of course you prefer it to look simplistic. You may also want to change the font to something more vibrant that stands out more.

Good luck!